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Who is GAS Diving?

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Why are we called GAS Diving UK ?
It started out from the initial of the three founder divers (Graeme Andy and Sue) - well it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Gas Diving UK was created by a group of three UK mixed gas divers. All of us are technical nitrox and trimix divers who engage in nitrox and trimix wreck diving in and around the UK, between us we have conducted hundreds of technical dives. In 1994, we wanted to improve our operational safety for wreck penetration dives, so we completed one of the overhead environment training programs, which  is available from the US cave diving community. From this we now hold full cave diver certifications from both the National Association of Cave Divers (NACD) full cave and the National Speleological Society Cave Diving Section (NSS-CDS).   Most of our training over the last few years has been done in the USA with members of the Woodville Karst Plains Project (WKPP), a group of exploratory mix cave divers who are pushing the boundaries of trimix diving, both open and semi - closed circuit.  In particular we have benefited from one of the best in the diving fraternity Jarrod Jablonski, the WKPP & GUE training director.

In early 1999, we gained Instructor status within GUE and became the first 3 UK based GUE instructors. Unfortunately Sue and Graeme no longer instruct. As you will no doubt have seen, the high tech industry and especially Telecoms is currently going through a rough time, it is High Tech that pays the mortgage, Diving and instruction was just for fun for us. This has meant we have not got the free time we used to have and are both finding diving and its related things taking much more of a back seat.

This decision was not because we longer believed in Halcyon, Halcyon Product(s), GUE or DIR - All of which we still both firmly believe in and will support in any way we can. It is if anything our recognition of the high personal standards that any diving instructor should strive for and our current and ongoing inability to achieve them that has taken us to this decision.

Contact GAS Diving
GAS Diving can be contacted as follows. The easiest way is by email. Andy Kerslake at akerslake@gasdiving.co.uk

For Historical reasons if you are looking for Graeme or Sue Davison, we still have our old GAS Diving Email accounts and do check them every so often - they are gdavison@gasdiving.co.ukand sue@gasdiving.co.uk

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