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The following is a list of the changes to this web site - with the most recent changes shown first:

26th Jan 2003
Will be passing the web site onto Andy Kerslake soon as he is continuing instruction with GUE in the UK. Please email him re all GAS Diving related things. Removed the Scapa Flow pages, these we will host again on anaother web site in the near future
13th July 2002
Removed all training references, Sue and I have given up training, to see why head here
26th April 2002
Fell out with our last ISP - IDWB. Who turned the site OFF as we were in dispute over a bill of 10 GBP. So have moved the site completly to Claranet. IF you find anything not working email me here
4th March 2002
Updated Information about Halcyon UK
2nd July 2001
Removed all DAN research information. We have dropped out of the DAN research program due to lack of spare time. We wish DAN luck in their ongoing project

18th March 2001

Reformatted price list to use php and MySQL
Updated DAN research connection
26th Febraury 2001
Some general tidy up, updated price list (some items got lower prices)
11th August 2000
Moved the whole website to a new ISP (Again)
6th July 2000
Started the migration from Frontpage to Dreamweaver
29th May 2000
Added section on rigging with single cylinders, changed some pictures
2nd January 2000
Updated the hose routing section to show how we now do it. Added some new links, general corrections etc
10th October 1999
Added a section on webbing a harness, Gas choice, Updated the harness and hose pages
28th Sept 1999
Moved the whole website to a new ISP
8th August 1999
Added a whole section on diving Scapa Flow
20th June 1999
Updated training schedule, removed RIB section (as its sold)
Updated the "Who are we" page
Added some pics of V weights and dry suits - needs the text writing
20th April 1999
Added section on assembling Tekna (DV3X) / Oceanic (mako) Scooter clutch/prop
5th October 1998
Removed the TDI course information (as we have not renewed our Instructor status with TDI this year)
4th October 1998
Tidied up front page - added more photos of lights  etc
10th September 1998
Added the price list for Extreme Exposure and Halcyon products available from GAS Diving
4th August 1998
Added information re DAN Project Dive Exploration and GAS Diving's participation in it.
8th July
Added some new links to the links pages
20th May 1998
Corrected lots of bad English on the Kit Configuration pages - Thanks to one of our friends, Dave Tomlinson, for providing the corrections.
29th April 1998
Added the to do list   page
22nd April 1998
Removed JJ's page link - it had to be removed from the University web site it was on - his info is on the GUE web site
Changed the links to Barry Millers equipment from WKP Productions to Extreme Exposure - this is the company set up by JJ & Barry to sell equipment
31st March 1998
Changed some fonts again - some people didn't have the fonts I had used
Added some more links - the GUE site for instance
26th March 1998
Redid the Equipment pages
Changed default font - if it does not work let me know

9th March 1998

Added pictures of manifolds
6th March 1998
Added Copyright info and last revised dates to bottom of all web pages
Updated Cylinders, Stages and Wings pages
4th March 1998
Transcript of Georges text from the Doing It Right video
Nitrox FAQ added - here
24th February 1998
Training enquiry form added
23rd February 1998
Updated the training details
Updated the training dates
Fixed JJ's page link
17th February 1998
Created the whats new page ;-)
Corrected a load of spelling mistakes
Fixed the link to one of the webbing Jpegs

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