After the latest UK dive show (2/3 rd March 2002), GAS Diving are please to announce there is now a formal Halycon UK importer and distributor. When GAS Diving started bringing Halcyon product in to the UK there was only us and we did it to make it easier for UK based divers to get a hold of Halcyon product. As we are not a dive shop, we where unable to accept credit cards and did not offer the full range of other products (ie regs, fins, dry suits, cylinders , simple hardware etc).

In addition, running it out my home, there was no place for people to visit to examine the whole range prior to purchase.

Now that Halcyon UK exists and that more and more dive shops are carrying Halcyon product, GAS Diving has made the decision to stop importing product. This is not because we no longer believe in it or anything like that, its simply their now exists a better place for divers to source product.

Please therefore contact

Scuba Centre
Victoria Square,
Portland, Dorset
fax 01305861511
Ask for Nina

Underwater Explorers
Regional DIR Facility
15 Castletown,
Portland, Dorset
Ask for Izzy