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Rigging for singles

Many people ask us how they can rig a single cylinder configuration. There are two ways, the first is to make a single cylinder harness , the second is to use a single tank adapter (STA) with your standard twin set backplate.

The old SeaTek wing was in fact designed for single cylinder diving, as can be seen in the
photo to the side , the wing has slots in the centre section.  These slots allow a cylinder band to pass through the wing and attach a cylinder (as with a standard stab jacket)  The backplate shown is a plastic backplate as often found in old stab jackets. 
simplewing.jpg (14272 bytes)

simpleharness.jpg (20495 bytes)

As seen in the diagram on the left, the backplate is webbed exactly as a stainless back plate would be webbed for a twin set.   The cylinder is fitted with a dual take off H valve as shown in the diagram to the right.  The hose routing is exactly the same as with a twin set.  In the diagram below we see the hoses in "action", the diagram shows a 7 foot long hose being used without a canister light, the excess hose is simple tucked into the waist belt to keep it under control.

singleregs.jpg (36917 bytes)

single.jpg (57604 bytes)

I have some pictures of a Halcyon Pioneer wing, Single tank adaptor configuration which I will write up and add to this page

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